Choice and EPM were recognized by the RI-HANA EPM project in the category “Utility Transformation” for the year 2020, in this publication produced by Smart Energy International. Having stood out in meeting the various category criteria, the Advisory Council praised this initiative for the results achieved, among a set of 70 other innovative projects. See the details of this project here.

In 2017, the Northeast Group named Choice as the “Global Leading vendor focusing specifically on revenue protection for Utilites” in their “Electricity Theft and Non-Technical Losses: Global Market, Solutions and Vendors” report.

CHOICE was the first non-SAP software vendor certified to run on SAP HANA for the Utilities sector.

CHOICE has global OEM and co-innovation agreements with SAP and is recommended worldwide by SAP sales teams as the preferred fraud management and revenue assurance solution for utilities.

CHOICE was also a finalist for the SAP Pinnacle Awards in 2013.